Sunday, July 8, 2007


Happy news! Father says that I will be chrismated sometime this fall!
How thankful I am for the gift of Orthodoxy. Last Sunday at Divine Liturgy, as I looked at the icons surrounding me and the people worshiping with me, I felt a peace that I barely have words to describe. It was like being wrapped in soft blanket. I was not alone, I was supported by a community that transcends time and place. Utterly safe. Completely loved. I know feelings are by nature, transitory. I know there have been times in my life when God felt very distant and that most likely I will have times like that again. But I also know in my heart of hearts that this is more "real" than any other reality I have ever experienced.


Shelley said...

Very Exciting! I follow your journey with great interest as I am a recent catechumen (Pentecost) and you seem to touch on lots of things I'm going through. I'm also ex-Ecusa.

Elizabeth said...

What great news !

DebD said...

Wonderful News! I will keep you in my prayers as this momentous day draws near.

Dixie said...

Sorry to be so late with sending my greetings regarding this great news. Very happy for you and all of the rest of us!

That we may be one.....R