Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lost & Found

One of the many charms of living in my particular small town is that given enough rain (and believe me we have had enough!) the two main roads into town become impassable. When we moved here last year the state was in a major drought, so this is the first year we have had to deal with the legendary flooding of Bird Creek. There is a "back" route into town, but every time I asked someone for directions, I was told, "oh just follow the other cars". After three floodings this spring, I've figured it out. I worked today and coming home this evening I was forced to use the back road in. As I got into town, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this wandering around in the middle of the street I just crossed.

Now, I have a yellow Lab who has been known to chew his way out of our fence so I immediately turned around and went to investigate. It was a yellow Lab all right, just not my yellow Lab. He was friendly enough, but he was limping and was clearly injured. I managed to get him in my car and brought him home, fed him and put him in a crate we have in garage. At least he'll be safe until I can either get him to a vet or to Lab Rescue.

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Margi said...

I'm glad you've got him and he's safe. Yellow labs are such lovely dogs.